“Fire Warrior” Men Premium Tshirts 100% Cotton

Size: M
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Product Type: Tshirt
Vendor: Storenify

Unleash your inner strength with our premium 100% cotton 'Fire Warrior' t-shirt, designed for those who stand tall and face challenges head-on. This t-shirt combines comfort and durability, making it perfect for both casual wear and active lifestyles.

The soft, breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day, while the bold 'Fire Warrior' design symbolizes power, resilience, and spirit. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply out with friends, this t-shirt is your perfect companion.

- Fabric: 100% Moroccan cotton.

- Color: White.

Care Instructions:

To keep your 'Fire Warrior' t-shirt looking its best, follow these care instructions:

  1. Machine Wash Cold: Use cold water to prevent shrinkage and maintain color vibrancy.
  2. Use Mild Detergent: Avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the fabric's quality.
  3. Wash Inside Out: Protect the 'Fire Warrior' design by washing the t-shirt inside out.
  4. Avoid Bleach: Bleach can damage the fabric and the design.
  5. Tumble Dry Low: Use a low heat setting to minimize shrinkage.
  6. Iron on Low Heat: If needed, iron on the reverse side of the design on a low heat setting.
  7. Do Not Dry Clean: Dry cleaning can weaken the fibers and affect the print.

Keep your 'Fire Warrior' t-shirt looking fresh and fierce with these simple care tips. Wear it with pride and showcase your warrior spirit every day!

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